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Feb 4, 2018

Dr. Garcia is a board certified Radiation Oncologist who practiced medicine for 27 years. Listed in America’s Top-Rated Physicians, she is a leading expert in breast cancer and was chosen by her peers for Best Doctors in America.  Dr. Garcia lectures extensively and is the author of over 50 publications and book chapters. In 1999, she founded St. Louis Cancer & Breast Institute with four other women physicians, a comprehensive Breast Center. Dr. Garcia was inspired to reinvent herself as a Health Coach when the breast cancer patients in her practice kept getting younger and younger – as young as 17! Dr. Garcia left her medical practice in February 2011 and is now a full time Certified Health Coach.  She wakes up each morning with passion and purpose, excited to help people eliminate medications and prevent and reverse disease so as to live longer, healthier lives.  She has helped thousands of people transform their lives physically, mentally and financially.

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