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Welcome to Veggie Doctor Radio! This podcast is focused on plant-based nutrition, habit formation, behavior change and motivation so that you can have the tools to live the best life possible. Make yourself at home and enjoy!


Jun 10, 2018

Do you struggle with emotional eating or eating when you aren't hungry? Renee struggled with emotional eating and yo-yo eating for 40 years before she discovered the key to her sustainable weight loss. This week's episode has lots of little pearls of wisdom that may benefit your eating habits. 

With a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Counseling and a Clinical Residency in Pastoral Care, Renee utilizes traditional and contemporary models as well as relaxation and horse-assisted methods. She has worked as a chaplain and counselor in long-term acute care hospitals and hospice for more than a decade serving patients, families, and staff. In 2011, she opened an international private practice in counseling serving clients and colleagues in the U. S., United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, India, South Africa, Romania, Australia, and New Zealand.

What makes her approach distinctive is that she is trained as a chaplain with a Master’s degree in counseling, and this expertise enables her to help her clients free themselves emotionally by addressing their spiritual, physical, and emotional needs. The result is that her clients get the body they want, find true comfort without comfort food, and embrace the beautiful person they are from inside out.

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