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Welcome to Veggie Doctor Radio! This podcast is focused on plant-based nutrition, habit formation, behavior change and motivation so that you can have the tools to live the best life possible. Make yourself at home and enjoy!



Jul 18, 2021

In this episode of Veggie Doctor Radio, I interview Dr. Silvia Odorcic about her own plant-based journey and the things that she is most passionate about right now in her life. 
About featured guest:
Dr. Silvia Odorcic is a Toronto-based double board certified MD, certified in Lifestyle Medicine & Ophthalmology. She is also an author & speaker whose soul mission is to revolutionize the current healthcare paradigm through plant-based nutrition & healthy lifestyle habits. Dr. Silvia transitioned to a plant-based lifestyle 4 years ago after being totally burned out and it completely changed her life trajectory! She is a conscious leader who believes that health is our ultimate portal into spirituality & self-fulfillment. Dr. Silvia offers lifestyle Medicine consultations & personal health coaching virtually, as well as an evidence-based online Plant-based Nutrition Course for anyone wanting to totally overhaul their nutrition. Finally, she is currently training for my first solo marathon & of course, running purely on plants!!
Disclaimer: The information on this blog, website and podcast is for informational purposes only. It is not meant to replace careful evaluation and treatment. If you have concerns about your or your child’s eating, nutrition or growth, consult a doctor.
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