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May 13, 2018

Brook is a woman of faith that within a month of adopting a plant-based lifestyle started a plant-based eating ministry along with her husband. On top of that she homeschools 5 children and has 18 years of recovery from disordered eating. This interview was a little different, but it is interesting and refreshing and I think that it is perfect for Mother's Day. I hope that you will find it inspiring on this Sunday and happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there! 

Brook Legg is the cofounder along with her husband of Healing Choices Ministry - a Plant Based Eating Ministry that exists to educate, connect with resources, and help people transition to plant based eating.  Brook has been in successful recovery from a variety of eating disorders for over 18 years.  She’s a mom of 5 wonderful biological children and 2 amazing grown step daughters and she is also a homeschool mom.  She has also authored a 30 day devotional book called The Healing Rhythms of Home for Homeschool moms. She is an avid researcher, loves to make things with her hands and write worship lyrics and psalms. 

You can find more about her and her ministry at

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