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Apr 8, 2018

This week's conversation is all about breast feeding! Irma dispels many myths even I believed about breast feeding and gives great tips for new and experienced moms that are on their breast feeding journey. This is a great interview that I hope you will enjoy!

Irma Sulejmanovic-Bordeaux is a pediatric nurse practitioner and board certified lactation consultant. She was born in Bosnia & Herzegovina, spent some of her childhood in Germany and has been in the US since she was 11. Irma has worked as a pediatric nurse working acute and chronic care prior to becoming an ARNP 5 years ago. She has special interests in plant based nutrition, obesity, pediatric HIV, sexual abuse and trauma, teen health and her favorite, breastfeeding! Irma struggled breastfeeding her child with issues such as milk soy protein intolerance to tongue tie problems, but nonetheless was able to persevere and breastfeed her child for almost 2.5 years! She is now passionate about helping other mothers achieve their breastfeeding success!

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