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May 27, 2018

Lori is an amazing master of the mind and she has learned to leverage both her mindset and the art of calorie intake to eat the vegan food she wants and lose weight. There are a lot of lessons to learn from her journey and how she has approached her weight loss. I hope you learn some nuggets and have a happy Sunday!

Lori Manby went vegan for ethical reasons and gained weight in the process. She knew if she wanted to change her body, she’d have to change her mind, so two years later at 210 lbs, she joined Weight Watchers.

The program had the the structure she wanted while she figured out a way to stop the record of doubt playing over and over in her head. She just needed to figure out a way to make it work with her binge eating behaviors and “junk food vegan” diet.

Her “all-or-nothing” personality kicked into overdrive allowing her to quickly “crack the code.”

She’s been maintaining an 80lb loss—and in the process—discovered her life’s purpose and biggest passion: Be open about my deepest, darkest secrets with binge eating and use her techniques to Support, Motivate, and Inspire others with similar stories.

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