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Apr 26, 2020

In this episode of Veggie Doctor Radio, I talk with Dr. Reese Halter, a forensic naturalist and lover and protector of the earth.


About featured guest:

“Dr. Reese is to global warming what Steve Irwin was to wild animals,” a student says of Reese Halter, a prolific author, broadcaster and environmental advocate who vociferously warns of the imperative need to save trees, bees and seas. Halter designed Muse School’s science curriculum and is a former professor at California Lutheran University. He’s a forensic naturalist who broadcasts extensively in Australia, and he mourns its habitat and ecosystem losses. He’s also an ardent supporter of Gen Z’s efforts for climate justice. 

 “I’m a full-time advocate for Mother Earth, and my forthcoming book, GenZ Emergency, addresses the need for climate justice,” he says. “If we have no trees, we have no life. American cities have lost more than 180 million trees, which cast invaluable shade, afford habitat for our planetary partners, recharge aquifers and provide oxygen.” Just like our planet’s climate, insects are also in trouble, Halter warns. He urges “lawmakers to enact laws mandating stringent environmental measures be implemented and enforced.” Malibu is a leader, but “it needs to pass an ordinance to protect all ancient trees,” he says. 

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