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Welcome to Veggie Doctor Radio! This podcast is focused on plant-based nutrition, habit formation, behavior change and motivation so that you can have the tools to live the best life possible. Make yourself at home and enjoy!



Nov 27, 2022

*Trigger Warning: I will be discussing weight/size and some tough concepts. This information may be triggering, may lead to cognitive dissonance and bring up uncomfortable feelings*


In this special episode of Veggie Doctor Radio, I discuss weight stigma and weight bias to raise your level of awareness around this...

Nov 20, 2022

My interview from the PLANTSTRONG podcast



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Disclaimer: The information on this blog, website and podcast is for informational purposes only. It is not meant to replace careful evaluation and treatment. If you have concerns about your or...

Nov 13, 2022

In this episode of Veggie Doctor Radio, we learn all about prostate health, and how there is overwhelming evidence that diet and lifestyle choices can reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer in men. You’ll definitely wanna share this episode with all the men in your life!





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Nov 6, 2022

In this episode of Veggie Doctor Radio, I interview Debbie Adler about her latest cookbook and how she became a passionate plant-based chef. 




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