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Jun 14, 2020

In this episode of Veggie Doctor Radio, I talk with Jonina and Sarah, co-founders of Lancaster Farm Sanctuary about the good, the bad and the ugly of running a farm sanctuary.


About featured guest:

Jonina Turzi-Jonina was born and raised in Lancaster County and feels grateful for the connections about spirituality, wellness, yoga, and farm animals she learned about here. She is a cofounder of Lancaster Farm Sanctuary, a volunteer district leader for HSUS, and a doctor of physical therapy and yoga educator. She owns a private physical therapy practice in Lancaster City, where she provides functional manual therapy, and a variety of postural and osteopathic interventions for chronic and complex pain including visceral and craniosacral therapies. She also owns West End Yoga, a yoga studio, and Yoga Sanctuary School, a yoga teacher training and continuing education business for wellness practitioners and serious yoga students.


Sarah Salluzzo- Sarah is from Lancaster County.  She has a Masters in Media Studies from The New School University, and an MSW from Millersville University. She is a life-long devoted friend to all animals. She is cofounder of Lancaster Farm Sanctuary, a volunteer district leader for Humane Society of the United States, and recently retired from her position as an inpatient rehabilitation drug and alcohol therapist. Sarah is a yoga practitioner with a long history of social activism.


Sarah and Jonina are a couple and founded the sanctuary in and effort to better the lives of both humans and farmed animals in their community.



Lancaster Farm Sanctuary


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